Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Pics!

I enjoy photographing pics of my dolls.  So with nothing to blog about today I thought I'd share some random pics.  These were selected from different folders on my computer.

Travel dolls admiring display at Barbie Con '10

OOAK by moi! 

OOAK by me
I created 10 dolls for tablemates for Convention
(Note:  the theme was Rocker Barbie)

OOAK by me (TM Nikki) and Integrity Janay
(Mattel fashions)

3 divas' dressed in my fav colors
(Model of the Moment Nichelle, 2 dolls dressed in Audrey Hepburn outfits)

Back to the basics - 2 AA silkstones

Decisions, decisons what should I wear?

A couples duet
(Ken and birthstone Barbie)

Be blessed!


  1. LOVE your table gift dolls!! You are so talented!!

  2. Thanks!! I had so much fun creating them.

  3. Love your OOAK's. Wish you were sitting with me. But I will vicariously through your pics :O)

  4. Thanks Dollz4Moi! They were table gifts for last years convention. I need to do an update to my blog, you gave me an idea. I will do a post on some of my OOAKs.

  5. Wow, look at TM Nikki. You do fabulous customizing.


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