Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 ~ Wow, it has been a year!

Hi my blogger friends!  I am finally back.  It has been a year since my last post.  I have had computer issues (ugh), but I continued to follow your blogs on my ipad.  One of my new year promises (not resolutions - I hate those) is that I would start back blogging the first chance I had.  Well, this week we had a bad snow storm that resulted in my not being able to go to work.  I took the pictures on Tuesday night which was great because Wednesday morning I woke up to my power going out just as my feet hit the floor (8:15am).  My power was out until Thursday evening around 6:30pm.  It was horrible. I am still thawing out.  Lol!  No, I was actually okay.  I just stayed in the bed under the covers, so I got plenty of much needed rest. Okay, back to the dolls. : )  I left off with couples and decided that this is the season, this is where I left off a year ago, so pictures of couples would be a great way to return.

First up is my most seasoned couple.

                                      Betty and George

                                       Lisa and Kevin

                                Kasey, Remi, and Ki'ya

                                   Dylan and Jessica

                               Sharese and Isaac

                                         Toni and Troy
And my favorite couple....

                               Juliana and Jabari

Happy Valentines Day!!!

xoxo  Muah!

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