Sunday, July 15, 2012

My hiatus is "almost" over!

Hello blogger friends!!! I have been following you all, but took a little time away from my blog to work on a long overdue project. I have been busy organizing my doll room (Obsession), deboxed some dolls that I have had for a long while (still have a long way to go) and unpackaged some furniture created by FDQ published artist Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures. : ) ...still so proud of you Vanessa! I was determined not to keep the new furniture packaged up for a long time like I did with the white sectional. However, working on Obsession has been an on-going project that has been in the making for a few years now (lol!). I have set a few target dates to have it finished and I am probably only about 50% done. Okay, first, let me tell you that my inspiration room no longer exist....sniffles. It really hurt me to take it down, but it was huge and I really do need the space for something else. In case you have forgotten what it looked like.

My Jonathan Adler inspiration room

This is what it looks like now.  I still have to remove these items.

This is how it is for right now....cramped on a small shelf  : (. 
It probably won't look so cramped once the girls leave.  It will then be the
 home for Juliana and her cousin Dallas.
I deboxed some dolls to create space in my doll room. They are all BB dolls. I decided to start with these dolls because they will not be placed on a shelf or cabinet just yet. They will be temporary housed in a container with the rest of the BB divas and divos.

BB from pink and black trio, three BB swimwear dolls that I received for some
commissioned work, and the three BB metallic dolls.  I really like the BB metallic dolls.
They are all very pretty! 

Some of the BB's waiting on the above crew.

I have a few more that are hiding somewhere in this room...

One view of what I have done thus far.  I removed them from storage containers and placed on bookcases basically to clear some floor space.  I still have a ways to go (sigh).

Most of these dolls will be deboxed and placed in
cabinets that I purchased from Ikea.  They are temporarily on these bookcases.

And finally, I have unpackaged the lastest furniture that I purchased from Vanessa. All of the following pics are still in the decorating stage. I have not decided who will get this apartment. Hmmm......

I plan to paint the lampshades black. and place table top mirrors on the two side tables.
(note:  the lamps are Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby)

more decor to come.....

Next up is a space that has been created for my guys. This apartment will be shared by the Remi brothers. Jabari (below) and Jamal Remi. Jamal should be arriving sometimes this month.

Jabari Remi (Juliana's significant other)

Jabari enjoying a Falcon's Football game

Still a work in progress...I need to get a table top and make a lamp
And finally one of the boutiques that I have temporary named "Pinky's" because I can't find my project tablet that has the original name (lol).  My plans are to have it simlar to the Black and White store.

I have a loonng way to go with this one.  It will be moved to the
space where my inspiration room was

Thanks for stopping by!

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