Monday, March 26, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (my first photostory) Part I

This is my first photostory on my blog per se.  The wedding and rehearsal was a photostory, but for some reason the words are not shown on here, so I won't count those.   I decided to do one before I dismantle my inspiration room.  This will be Part I of maybe III.  I'm not sure yet. The girls have all arrived for a weekend of fun. 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Juliana:  We have a whole agenda planned for this weekend.
Jabari:  I can only imagine.  I want you to have fun babe.  You have
had your head in them books all month and you need this break.

Jabari:  I will miss you too, but Ju, we can stand to be away from each other for a weekend.
Juliana:  I know, but I'm still going to miss you. (puppy dog face).
Jabari:  Come on babe not this time...I better get going, the guys are meeting me at Fifty Yard.

Juliana:  Okay, have fun and don't drink too much.  I love you.
Jabari:  I will and I love you more.
Juliana:  Come on Bari, I'm not playing.
Jabari:  I know and I was.  You got my word babe....3 drink max. 

They kiss and say their see you is never goodbye.

Juliana:  I love me some him...umm umm um. (in thought)
Jabari:  Dang, she is fine! (in thought)

Juliana goes to freshen up and then she hears her cousin Dallas coming in.  Oh great (she thinks), they are back.  She chose not to go to the mall with them so that she could spend a little time with Jabari.


Juliana:  Hey Dee.  Did you guys have fun?  What did you buy?  Where are your bags?
Dallas:  Yes, we did!!  Dillards had a sale out of this world and I can't
 wait to show you my shoes.  Girl!  We must go back!  We left our bags in the car.

Just as they sit down, they hear the girls coming.

Juliana:  Did you guys like our new mall?
B'onca:  Yes!!  If it wasn't for my new job, I would move back just
 because.  That mall requires a full two days of shopping.
Gracie:  Yes, it does!  The only thing is the next time, I will wear sneakers.
Juliana:  I told you that when you left, but no you had to be cute.  Lol!

Juliana:  What about you Gracelyn.  What did you buy?
Gracie:  I hold my head in shame...the better question is what didn't I buy. And
please do not call me Gracelyn.
Juliana:  You are too funny.  In college you would never have allowed
anything less (lol).  Make up your mind honey.  Lol!  Where is everybody else?
Gracie:  Kyori is out there all over your hot new neighbor.  Zoe and
Lyssa stopped by the store.
Dallas:  I forgot to tell you that Ju.   Ky-Ky has not changed a bit.  Lol!
She kept embarassing us at the mall.  Lol!

Juliana:  It's about time you guys came in.
Monique:  Ju, I am so embarassed (shaking her head)...
Kyori interrupts
Kyori:  Ju, why you didn't tell me about that  fine neighbor of yours.  Girl, he is HOT!

Zoe:  Ju, who is that guy next door?
Juliana:  You guys are kidding me.  Not you too Zo.
Alyssa:  Ju you and Dee has been holding out on us.  I see
why Bari is over here all the time.  Lol!

They girls continued to laugh and talk for a long while.  They had stories to trade and a lot of gossip to catch up on since most of them had not seen each other since London and Sean's wedding. 

They talked....

and talked....

and talked....

and talked....(hey theses are college friends they have a lot to talk about - lol)
Alyssa:  Ju, I absolutely love that picture of  your Mom.  Are they in town?
I would love to see them.  Your Dad  and uncle Curtis are hilarious!

Juliana:  Thank you girl.  No, Mom, Dad, Aunt Christie and Uncle Curtis are still
touring the country.   Mom said that they could not wait for Dee and I
to become grown.  We use to wonder we know.  (laugh)  They
are all happily retired!
 Kyori always has a story or two to tell....

Dallas:  Kyori, you are kidding me!  Lol!
B'onca:  No, she is not.  She really did do it (shaking her head).
Dallas:  What?!

Kyori:  Dee, you should have seen him when I walked in....
Dallas:   Lol!!!  I don't know why I am shocked....Lol!
Juliana announces that its time to let the fun begin.

Juliana:  Alright ladies, Let's hit it!

Alyssa:  I'm ready
B'onca:  Me too!  I didn't come all this way to look this good inside.

The ladies get ready to head out for a evening of  fun!

Thanks for following...Be blessed!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Wedding

I would like to share a wedding that I did in 2009.  It is the sequel the rehearsal so please check it out before viewing this post for the introduction.  Sergio attends his best friend from college wedding as his best man.  Without further ado....please enjoy!

Tour Guy (wedding)

Bride's gown - Fashion Avenue
Groomsmen attire - Wedding Ken ('08) - I paid only $5 for each doll  ; )
Bridemaids dresses - Dollar Tree - yes, they were $1.00) ; )
Flowers - all handcrafted by me
Jewelry - trim
Flower girls dresses - they were red and white, but I used fabric paint to paint them pink and black

**Special thanks to my dear sister friend D'Mari who helped me dress all of those bridemaids.  I love you girl!

Okay now for the biggest Blooper:  I shot the rehearsal and wedding at two different times in 2009 (several months apart).  By the time that I shot the wedding, I had forgotten the groom's name (Lol!) so he has one name in the rehearsal and another for the wedding.  Lol!!!  I could have gone back to edit, but whatever....Lol!  I hope you enjoyed it. 

Be blessed!


The Rehearsal Dinner

A couple of my fellow bloggers that I love to follow, are preparing for weddings VanessaEbony Nicole, Dani, and last but certainly not least Adrian.  I believe that Tracy India is also planning a wedding.  We miss you Tracy India!!  I thought that this would be a great time to share a rehearsal dinner and wedding (to follow) that I did back in 2009.  The rehearsal/wedding came about when a yahoo group that I am a member of hosted a doll that would tour the homes of members that requested him.  His name is Sergio and his profession is a masseuse.  I couldn't quite come up with a way to use him as a masseuase and decided to use in him in a different way.  The "tour guy" as he was called came to my town to attend his best friend from college wedding.  The setting is after the wedding rehearsal.  The bridal party has arrived at Vino's.  I had so much fun shooting the pics for this project.  It is housed on my webshots and I finally figured out to share it here.  No music, I'm not that advanced (lol)! Okay, warning it is lengthy, so grab your favorite snack and ...enjoy! 

Tour Guy Visit (rehearsal)

The props were created with foam core, scapbooking paper, chairs are candle holders from Big Lots, table tops are candle holders from Dollar Tree, rements glasses, printed menus and food items.

P.S.  The bride's favorite color is guessed it - PINK!   ; )

I hope you enjoyed it~!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Chandra and I just checking in to say Happy St Patrick's Day!

Chandra was a thrift store find.  She and her sister (another Chandra) were nude but in mint condition.  One  of them were tagged $1.98.  At this thrift store, the policy is that they will not allow you to purchase anything that is not tagged....and of course only "one" of them were tagged (downer).  I had my toes and fingers crossed that they would bend the rule just this one time in case I had to make a plea to the manager.  I said a little prayer that the cashier would be cool and not care that only one of them were tagged.  Heavenly Father please....and then I heard "your total is $4.54".  I whispered my thank you to both He and she and walked out of there smiling from ear-to-ear with my two SIS dolls...Chandra that is!  I gave her a boil perm, made her a sock dress and here she is...

Chandra in a sock dress made by me
 Blooper:  the curtain fell oops.  I didn't seem to notice it when Iwas taking the picure.  Lol!

Chandra had to make her appearance in the only diorama that I have set up (Lol)

Isn't she lovely!

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