Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New SIS Dolls

I am suppose to be on "no doll or doll related shopping" for a month.  Well, I have already blown that and it is just the 6th of July.  The New Pastry girls have arrived in the ATL!!  They are too cute and I could not resist.  Walmart only had two of them, Grace and Kara.  Enough said, judge for your pretty!!





And more purchases that I just had to have. She is the Engineer AA Barbie Can Do Anything

           She comes with the cutest doll house..I was sold when I saw this.

                                         Swapping Head Artsy


             I do not like the swapping bodies, but I love the curly hair.

Be blessed. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OOAKs created by Me (Part II)

I have uploaded more OOAKs that are in no particular order of creation.  Most of  these are dolls were created as early as 1998.  I didn't realize that I had so many OOAKs until I pulled them out of the curio to take pics.  As I stated in Part I, this is the first time that these dolls have been photographed.


Created for my doll club's first ADC Annual Doll Pageant
          (please excuse the wrinkled pants Lol!)


Created for my doll club's first ADC Annual Doll Pageant

                           Betty Simone

        Created for Annual ADC Doll Pageant
   (she was named in honor of my Mother Betty)


This doll was given to participants (online yahoogroup)
who wanted to create a doll using the superstar head mold.
The moderator donated the doll and participants
were allowed to keep her.


 Created for my doll club's ADC Annual Doll Pageant


          Created as one of my first commissions
  (the buyer did not like the fabric-I have a chair covered
     in this fabric as well...definitely her lost my gain!)


 Created for my doll club's ADC Annual Doll Pageant


 Created for my doll club's Annual Doll Pageant
 (I chose not to enter her.  I was not pleased with how
 she came out)


  Created for my doll club's Annual Doll Pageant


        Thanks so much for viewing!  Be blessed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

OOAKs created by Me (Part I)

Happy 4th of July!!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog.  I wasn't quite sure as to what my next post would be about.  Dollz4Moi made a comment to one of my post and the idea came to mind...I could share pics of my OOAKs created by me.  I have never photographed these dolls interestingly...not sure why.  They were created for various purposes and will be indicated as such.  I was hoping to get them all loaded at once, but my camera's battery went dead after photographing 6 dolls.  So the rest will have to follow in another blog post.

Most of my creations are most often given rooted eyelashes and a beauty mark.  I did not give Rochelle (Janay) rooted eyelashes due to the hardness of her head.  All of the following creations were handsewn.  In fact, most of my creations are handsewn, because I find it so relaxing to sit, watch tv and be creative.  I normally use the machine when I have multiples or commissoned work to give it a cleaner appearance.  Okay, here goes....

Lauren - created for my doll club ADC Annual Doll Pageant
(Atlanta Doll Collectors)

Lauren wore a soft pink gown with pink ribbons at the
waist and had a chiffon wrap to match.

I was very pleased that she won 1st place
She won the ribbon, I gave her the pink tiara.

Karmen - created for the ADC Annual Doll Pageant in
the same year (snicker). I entered 2 dolls in this category.

She was dressed in a midnight blue gown with rhinestones
around the neckline and a matching faux midnight blue wrap

Karmen came in 2nd Place

Kira  - created in this same year ADC Doll Pageant
in the holiday theme. 
She wore a cream color velour gown with red skirt and
sash that she chose to wear around her neck.  Her hair was done in an
elegant twisted updo (one of my favorite hairstyles).

Kira placed 2nd in the Holiday theme

Rochelle - created for an Annual ADC Doll Pageant
(not sure which year, but it was before the ones above)

Rochelle was dressed in a black with glittery red stripe knit dress.
The red stipes matched her hair perfectly (lol).  She is also wearing a twisted updo.

Rochelle came in 1st place that year. 

Kayla - created for a online contest that I entered in a
yahoo group that I belong to. 

 The contest was titled "Gerry's Contest"
Participants were given the same fabrics to create using
as much of the kit as we possibly could.  

 Kayla did not win, but I had fun creating her.

Last and certainly not least, one of my favorite dolls to collect....Brides

Morgan - created just because for ME

I will continue with Part II in the next post.  Thanks for stopping by.

Be blessed!

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