Tuesday, June 30, 2015

World Doll Day


I am coming out of lurkdom to post due to being tagged by Jewell for World Doll Day.  Thanks Jewell!  I am a few days late but this was very fun!  I had the hardest time choosing my favorite dolls from 2014....well for two of them atleast.  One was a holy grail so she was hands down my number one pick. The second one seems to be a favorite amongst collectors.  I love, love big hair and it was love at first sight when I saw her promo pics.  The third was chosen because I did not purchase her when she she first came out, but was given the opportunity to purchase her on the secondary market from a club member for the same price that she paid Mattel.  So needless to say I was a very happy camper.  Without further ado...

Best Doll purchases in 2014:

Number 1
Fashion Royalty "Soul Deep Adele"
I purchased her at the 2014 Integrity Convention nude.  I was super excited to finally get her.  She has been a grail for a VERY long time and finally (sigh) she is mine.  A little short story about her is that as I was waiting to pay for her, I laid her on the table to make my Paypal transaction.  Another collector (a guy) picked her up and I immediately said "excuse me, she is mine and I am in the mist of paying for her".  He rolled his eyes and make a under the breathe comment and walked away.  Lol!  Okay, so what else was I suppose to say?  Lol! She was a grail, so hands off Bro!

 Number 2
The Look 2013
I actually purchased a couple of these dolls, but this one that I chose to debox was purchased at Walmart in Orlando, Florida while I was attending the Integrity Convention in 2014.  I actually took her out the box while I was there.  I couldn't resist.

Number 3 - Last, but certainly not least!

I wanted this doll when she first came out, but I was not a Barbie Collectors club member that year.  I was hoping that she would eventually be available for purchase by non club members.  I am not sure if she ever was.  Just imagine how I felt when a club member mentioned that she had one for sale and that I could purchase her for the cost that she paid.  I was super excited!  She is such a pretty doll that I will debox one day.  Sorry for the glare.

Dolls on my Wish List:

I would love to have either one of these dolls in any order.   Interestingly, I had the opportunity to purchase all of them and for some reason, I decided to wait.  It was obviously a bad mistake because now they are on my Wish List.

Tarantino Barbie - I LOVE this pink hair!
(picture is property of Mattel)

Halle Berry - ugh why did I pass her up....
(picture is property of Mattel)

Going Places Eugenia Perrin Frost - again why did I pass her up????
(picture is property of Integrity Toys)

I tag YOU:
1.   I-luv-dolls
2.  Tracy India (Urban Doll Life)
3.  Dolls4Moi
4.  Limbedolls
5.   DeMari (Dazzle Dolls)

*              *               *               *               *                *               *            

And just a sneak peek at my doll room.  It is slowly coming together.  I still have shelves to fill.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be blessed!!

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