Monday, February 27, 2012

My Inspiration Room

I have always loved color.  My family room once upon a time shared similar colors of those of the style of Jonathan Adler minus the pink, black and white.  It was once referred to by a guest to my home as "the happy room".  I love spaces that are inviting and cheerful, yet unique.  I decided that I wanted to break the monotony of working on my doll room and create a colorful diorama.  I googled rooms with color to get inspired.  When I saw the following room I knew that this one was the perfect one for me.  Then to top it off I noticed later that it was Jonathan Adler inspired.  I love everything about this room and began my hunt for every little detail.

My inspiration room
(by Jonathan Adler)
Vanessa's furniture was the first thing that I added to my basket to begin the process.  I purchased this furniture in January 2011 from Van's Doll Treasures and was waiting to use it in a diorama once my room was finished.  Well, it is still not finished but I just couldn't let another year past.  Her creations are fabulous so please check out her blog for other beautiful designs that she has created.  The silver chairs are paper mache boxes that should have been cut down, but I knew that I had no plans to keep them, so I did not bother to cut them down to size.  Foam core was used for walls and fireplace.  The orange chair and colorful pillows were created by me.  The little pink poodle that you can barely see on the stand was a pink dog that once placed in water, it grows.

My recreation

The mini photo is a pic of me.  ; )

Pic in mini frame - me at Wu convention in 2011
(I told you I love colors Lol!)

I made the chair.  The bottom is styrofoam covered with fabric.
The top is cardboard slightly bended and covered.  The tray 
was a gift but was created by Smidge House.  The magazine
created by Steph-a-nie was a gift.

I created the silver chairs to emulate the inspiration pic.
My personal preference was to add more color not
to mention these chairs are closer in style.

Vanessa's furniture is truly awesome!  I purchased this
sectional in January 2011 and this is my first time
taking photos or using it in any type of diorama.  The
dividers looked better short for my dio (IMO) than
they did as shown in the inspiration pic.

I love this pic.  This was used as a gift tag from a gift
from a club member.  I purchased one on a canvas
from a lady at Barbie Con in 2010. 

A view of the dining area (still a work in progress).

A before pic using dolls from inspiration room point of view.

Girls getting ready for dinner and a movie

Thanks for following!  Be blessed!


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