Monday, February 2, 2015

In lieu of Superbowl

Happy Monday you guys!

My intent was to post this on yesterday.  I am not a sports fan, so Super Bowl was not on my agenda.  I decided to stay in and do at least a couple doll related projects that I have on my list from 2013...I mean 2014.  Once I was done with that, I decided to do a few redresses.  The fun part was deciding on who to redress.  The following are the ones that I chose.  I decided to take out a couple of the older girls to allow them some face time as well.

Adele in a Fashion Fever outfit


S-I-S Kara in a Mattel fashion (removed from another doll)


 Barbie in an old fashion pack (pre-fashionistas)

Katnis in a fashion ordered from ebay


Nikki in a Fashion pack from 2014


The Look 2014 in a Walmart Exclusive pack from 2014


Christie in a old Mattel outfit (back when the fabric went all the way around)


The Look 2015 in Liv fashion and Mattel jacket


Thanks for stopping by.

Be blessed!  : )

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