Sunday, August 21, 2011

My first....any maybe my last repaint

Thanks to Chynadoll I finished my first...and maybe last repaint.  I raise my hat to all repainters.  This was a real challenge!!  I went to JoAnn's today and purchased Liquidtex paint, a couple of brushes (10/0, 5/0), a palette to mix the paint and a sealer.  Next, I had to decide on who would  be my victim.  I had the hardest time trying to decide on what doll I was willing to mess up (lol!).  Finally, I thought of a doll that I received as a partial trade for some comissioned work that I had done some years ago.  The victim...excuse me, the doll is Janay that was an Official Designer Kit doll from Wu Con 2003.  She came with a pattern, spool of hair, and  instructions on how to reroot the hair and list of supplies needed for painting the face.  I told Chynadoll that I would share regardless of how scary the doll turned out, so without further ado, here she is.....

Official Designer Kit Wu Con 2003

The face came unpainted
 Drum roll.......

Without the eyes sealed

The eyes have been sealed

Nadja is totally amazed

"You know it's impolite to stare, right?"

"Really Nadja, it's not that serious!"


I plan to give her eyelashes (either rooted or glue some on).  Thanks Chynadoll for giving me inspiration to take the challenge.

Be blessed,


Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have completely lost my mind!!

I repeat, I have completely lost my mind!  In my last post the first paragraph clearly states that I am suppose to be on no doll/doll related spending.  I have done everything but that!  After checking out Van's Doll Treasures post on new Barbie Collector Sale and Barbie Basic 2.5, I purchased the new Basic dolls (thanks alot Vanessa-Lol!).  I realized after I confirmed the payment that I should not have been purchasing ANYTHING.  I did get a great deal though.  The three dolls and accessory pack 01 all for $42.75.  I used my $20 Fan club reward and received an additional $20 off for orders over $75.  However, I have completely blown my doll budget for July, August and September!!  I have purchased the following dolls since my last post that was in July....SMH!


Nikki with cute pink couch @ Big Lots for $12


                                     Monster High "Clawdeen Wolf"
           (She was a gift from my dear niece...she has the hottest shoes)

                            Moxie Teen-I couldn't resist getting a 2nd one
                                     since she was on clearance

Basic Model #15 - couldn't decide if I was going to get him

                                       The newest Fashionista "Artsy" 

An old Artsy
I couldn't believe that I found her on the shelf  @ Walmart
I like this body better than the newer one

Target Basic Red Model #1

Target Basic Red Model #2

                                 Target Basic Red Model #3

Love their outfits!!

                                                 High Brow Adele

                                                 Quiet Storm Annik

Liv Fashions
(Clearance - Camo Jacket $2 & Movie Night $5)

  Trichelle and Chandra - Pastry #2

   Chandra & Trichelle

Captain Jack Sparrow...finally got him!

I have vowed to not allow another doll in my home before Wu Con other than the Mattel dolls I have ordered and Vanessa Perrin that I have on pre order....oh and Color Fusion Cosmic Love Emilie that I have already paid for but waiting for her shipment. 
        Current Pursuit Vanessa Perrin              Cosmic Love Emilie

(The above photos are courtesy of Angelic Dreams who btw has the best customer service).

Thanks for stopping by,
Be blessed!!

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