Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Juliana and Jabari (my first video)

I am so excited.  I made my first video using Windows Movie Maker.  : ) I was deternmined to give it a try.  I hope you guys like it.  I take off my hat, scarf and gloves to you videographers out there.  Lol!  This took me practically two days to produce.  I uploaded my own song from my personal cd but had to figure out "hours" later that youtube would not allow it due to copyright infringement.  Anyway, I am open to suggestions and constructive criticism about what I can do to make it an easier task the next time....if it is a next time.  : )

My video is about one of my favorite couples in London Heights.  They spent a beautiful day out shopping, dining, and now are heading back home to retire for the evening....

Jabari and Juliana...a love story

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where has time gone?

Hi blogger friends!  It has been almost three months (tomorrow) since my last post.  Where has time gone?  I have no updates to post for my room (Obsession) organization other than the fact that I have made NO progress.  Lol!  The reason being is that I am mentally drained when I come from work and do not wish to do anything that requires me to think...well think with effort.  I work in a social services atmosphere so go figure.

Sunday, I was determined to get some dolly time in.  I decided to redress some dolls and do a photo shoot for my blog.  The first part is that of ten dolls that were redressed and the latter half is that of ten dolls that I can't seem to bring myself to redress...not sure why.  Anyway, I hope to be there one day.  Lol!  I have seen most of them redressed on various boards and sites and really like their restyles....so maybe one day.

Alvin Ailey in Jonathan Adler outfit       Lea in Donna Karan outfit

Christie in Audrey Hepburn outfit       Kyori ~ outfit unknown

Adele (FR) in Anja (FR) outfit          Birthstone in  Birthday Angel outfit

Teresa in Fashion Avenue                Zodiac doll in Fashion Avenue

 Top Model Midge in Fashion Avenue          Uhura in BB fashion pak

And dolls that I can not bring myself to redress yet.

  Cosmic Love Amelie (FR)               Perk Collette (FR)

 Gold Stroke Adele (FR)                Paparazzi Bait Adele (FR)

  Glam Slam Kyori (FR)                 Jordan Bionica (FR)

 Integrity Fashion Forward              Model of the Moment Nichelle
 Spring Forward Eugenia  (FR)       High Brow Adele (FR)

*Bonus pic!  I know I said ten. Lol! I couldn't pass on this one.
                     Babysitter Skipper ~ love her!

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