Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best Friends Forever

Gracelyn (aka Gracie) called Juliana to ask if they could meet at Pinky's Boutique that evening. She had something that she needed to speak to her about.  She tossed and turned and decided that she needed her friend to help her with her dilemma.
Side note:  Pinky's is a work in progress.  I still have shelves to stock and clothes to add.

Gracie is one of Juliana's closes friends that she has known since first grade.  The friends were torn apart at the age of 12 when Gracie's father announced that they would be moving at the end of that school year.  The girls vowed to always keep in touch no matter what and neither fell short of doing just that.  They attended the same college, pledged the same sorority and have lived in close proximity ever since.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

Juliana arrived at Pinky's before Gracie and decides to do a little "window" shopping. She promised Jabari that she would not do any frivolous shopping unless it was for the wedding.

Clerk:   Welcome to Pinky's.
Juliana:  Thank you..

Store Owner:  Please let me know if you need any assistance.
Juliana:  I will, thanks.  I am just looking today.
Juliana browse around as she wait for Gracie.  Thinking, I wonder what this is about.  She sounded anxious.  Everything seemed to be going really well for her.  Hmmm, I'll just have to wait and see.

Juliana: (in thought) this is cute.

Clerk:  Hello.  Welcome to Pinky's.
Gracie:  Hi Pam.
She spots Juliana.
Gracie:  Hey girl, sorry I'm late.  The traffic was horrible on 285.

Juliana:  Hey you.  It's no problem.  I haven't been here long.

Gracie:  Thanks for coming.

Juliana:  Girl, you know how we do it.   I am always here.

They greet each other with a hug as they always do.

Juliana:  So what's going on?  I heard a little anxiety in your voice.

Gracie:  I know.  I have had some time to think, so I am not as upset as I was earlier.  I  received a text from Troy asking me to assist him with finding a condo.  He is planning to move here within six months.

Juliana:  Okay, so what is the problem with that?

Gracie:  Jul did you forget that Troy was my high school sweetheart that I  broke up with when I met Darren?
Juliana:  Yes, I do and that was umpteen years ago.  So much has happened since then.   You have dated several people and I'm sure that he has as well. 

Gracie:  We never really had closure.  We have always maintained a friendly relationship.  Not to mention that I still get butterflies when I am around him.  I am not sure that I can do this, Jul.

Juliana:  Gracie, when Darren left to go over seas he is the one who decided that you two needed to date other people.  So again, I ask what is the problem with you helping Troy?  Could it be that you are afraid of what could possibly happen?

Clerk:  Did you find every thing okay?  May I interest you in our latest fragrance?
Lady in blue:  No, thank you.  I have spent a little more than I planned to.
Clerk:  Okay.  Your total is $134.76.

Gracie:  Okay, Jul you are right.  I am afraid....  I love Darren, but I also never stopped loving Troy.

They are both a little speechless at Gracie's admission and are silent for about 30 seconds.


Finally Gracie decides to brake the silence and go look at shoes

Gracie:  I need to choose a pair of shoes so that we can get out of here.  You have class tomorrow and I have a 45 minutes drive home.

Gracie:  I have been waiting for these to go on sale.  Retail therapy is what I need right now so sale or not, I am taking them home with me.
Juliana:  It helps me every time....  Are you really okay though?
Gracie:  I am .  I guess I just had to get it off my chest by saying it out loud.

Gracie:  What would I ever do without you?
Juliana:  Live. (chuckle)

Gracie:  Thank you so much for being my friend.
Juliana:  Besties for life right...isn't that what we vowed fourteen years ago. (chuckle)

Clerk:  Have a great evening ladies.
Juliana and Gracie:  Thanks you too!

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Wedding Planner

Juliana and Jabari scheduled an appointment to see the Wedding Planner.  Kennedy Tyler came highly recommended by Juliana's Auntie Christie.  Christie and Kennedy worked together as runway models in Paris back in the early 90's.  Christie would not trust her niece's special day to anyone other than the Kennedy Tyler.

Juliana:  Auntie said that Ms. Tyler just opened this shop only about 2 weeks ago.  She has several others in other states.
Jabari:  Cool.  Sounds like someone who knows what they are doing.  

Juliana:  Hi we have a 3:00 appointment to see Ms. Kennedy Tyler.
Shae:  Good afternoon, you must be Juliana and Jabari...soon to be Mr. and Mrs Remi.

Shae:  Very nice to meet you.  We have spoken on the phone several times.
Juliana:  I know.  I was kind of indecisive about the date and time that we would both be available.

Shae:  It's no problem.  It was a pleasure to speak to you.  You may have a seat.  Ms. Tyler should be back within 15 minutes.
Jabari:  Thank you.
Juliana:  No problem, we are about 20 minutes early.  Thanks.

Juliana:  So have you guys been busy since opening this location?
Shae:  Yes, we have.  Ms. Tyler's name seems to speak for itself.

Juliana:  Yes, I know.  She came highly recommend by my aunt.  They were models together back in the day.
Shae:  Really?  What is your aunt's name if you don't mind me asking?
Juliana:  No, not at all.  Her name is Christie Fields.  She was one of Matt-el's first African American models.
Shae:  Oh yes!  I have heard of her.  Wow, that's your aunt?!  You must be proud of her.
Juliana:  Yes, we are all very proud of Auntie Chris.  She is one of the originals.

Juliana:  Babe you okay?

Shae:  (In thought) Lucky her...he is so fine.

Jabari:  I'm good.  I was just checking out some of the brochures.
Juliana:  We still have to choose a place for our honeymoon.
The continue to chat as they wait...discussing possible honeymoon destinations.


*     *      *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Kennedy:  Well hello!  You have to be Juliana!  It is so very nice to finally meet you.

Kennedy:  I have heard so many wonderful things about you.

Juliana gets up to greet Kennedy.
Juliana:  It is a pleasure to meet you as well Ms. Tyler.

Kennedy:  Oh, please call me Kennedy.  Your Aunt Chris have me by a few years in age (chuckle).
Juliana:  Okay, if you insist. 

Kennedy:  You are even prettier than Chris said that you were.
Juliana:  Thank you (blush/smile).

Kennedy:  Jabari it is my pleasure to meet you as well and I have also heard many great things about you too.
Jabari:  Thank you and likewise.

Kennedy:  Okay, so let's talk first about the type of wedding you two would like.

Juliana:  We would like a wedding that is simple but full of glam.  Not a lot of bling or anything over the top, but something in the middle....  If that makes any sense to you.
                   Kennedy:  It does.  I have been in this business for many years and believe me, I have practically seen it all.  So what about you Jabari?
Jabari:  As Jul stated, we want glam and I would like something kind of traditional.
Kennedy:  Okay....(as she nods her head)  I noticed that you said and and not but, so that is good.
You two are on the same page.  Great!

Kennedy:  Shae, be sure to add notes annotating what each of their preferences are.
Shae:  I have it all down, Ms. Tyler.

 They continue to talk for over an hour, providing Kennedy with many details.

 Just as they are wrapping it up Kennedy's business partner (co-owner) walks in.
Kennedy:  That sounds like my partner.  Great, you two will get to meet her.  I was not expecting her for another 30 minutes. 

Kennedy:  Juliana this is my business partner Eugenia Dolce.
Juliana:  Very nice to meet you.
Eugenia:  The pleasure is all mine.

Kenmedy:  Juliana is Chris's niece.
Eugenia:  Oh yes.  I can see the resemblance.  Very pretty.

Juliana:  And this is my fiancĂ© Jabari Remi.
Eugenia:  Pleasure to meet you.
Jabari:  Likewise.

Eugenia:  I look forward to meeting with you two soon.  Shae, will set up an appointment for you meet with me once Kennedy works out all of the details of the wedding.  I will handle the financial part of it.
Jabari:  Okay, cool.

Kennedy:  Okay, you guys.  Shae is ready to schedule you for your next appointment.
Juliana:  Okay, great.  Thanks.

Shae:  Do you have a preference as to what day next month.

Kennedy:  Take care and see you guys soon.
Juliana:  Okay, bye.
Jabari:  Enjoy the rest of your day ladies.

Eugenia:  Lovely couple.
Shae:  Umm.

And just because Juliana is so darn cute!

                                 Be Blessed and thanks for stopping by!

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