Saturday, April 14, 2012

Are we there yet.....Morristown here we come!

Lydia borrowed her Mom's Mercedes mini truck so that they all could ride together to attend the wedding of Danielle and Rod over in Morristown.  Ironically, each of the girls drove two-seaters, so this is usually their option anytime there is a rode trip.  They girls laughed and talked...while bumping their heads to the tune of Kem.  The trip was only a forty-five minute drive.  They would be there in no time if the traffic permits.  The closer they became, the more they talked about how happy they were that their friend Danielle had found true love with such a great guy.

Mercedes mini truck = Happy Family mini van Lol!!

Lydia (driver), Eugenia (front passenger), Kim (back seat right passenger)
and Ginger (back seat left passenger) 

Lydia:  "We have about 10 minutes before we are there.  The traffic
on I-85 is not as bad as I thought it would be".
Eugenia:  "This is great.  It would be tasteless to be late".

Lydia:  "Alright, ladies we are here...15 minutes early".
Ginger:  Girl is that Mike?
Eugenia:  "Yes, it is and his precious little one.  His wife Adele is directing the wedding. 
Ginger:  "Umm, um, um"...lucky her. 
Kim:  "They are such a cute couple."
The ladies decide to go inside the church and wait until it is time to go inside the sanctuary for the ceremony.

Ginger:  "That is a gorgeous purple dress that lady has on".
Kim:  "Yes, it is.  I love her short hairdo as well".
Lydia:  "It's real cute and sassy".
They talk and people watch....

It looks like the guest are starting to go inside. The girls follow suit.

Kim:  "Lydia do you have tissue?  I think we're going to need it".
Congratulations Danielle and Roderick Taylor!!

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