Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I introduce to you...Troy (and Mike 2)

Yep, two post from me in one day...No it does not mean that it is going to snow.  Lol!

I decided that due to my busy week/weekend, I wanted something to do that would be relaxing and not take too much energy.  Yes, my bedroom could use a little tidying up, but I wanted to do something that was fun.  I looked around my room and thought "now what can I get into".  I saw a Tuesday Morning bag in my chair and thought whatever is inside, I will debox.  I knew that the bag contained a few dolls.  The first doll that I pulled out was my Divergent dude.  I had totally forgotten about him.   I decided that I would customize him and add him to my story.  Tracy India left a post stating that "she could not wait to see who this Troy was that has Gracie all frazzled".  Hmmm, I thought.   He is cute, so I believe that this will be my Troy.

Divergent 2014

I decided to give him a total different look.  I wanted to change his hair color to make him more ethnic.  I decided to use a black sharpie to make it happen.  The following picture is a side view.  I was kind of nervous as to how he would turn out so I didn't take many pictures as I went along.

Side view - I should have taken more pictures

Back view - Tats are original

And here he is.....

Miquel "Troy" Maddox 

I fluffed out his hair with the tip of the sharpie which was serving as two purposes.  For one I was able to continue to change the color of his hair and two, the tip lifted the hair very well.  I still need to go around the edges some more.  It is a permanent marker, so I am a little hesitant to do so.

I decided that I like the look so much and decided to give him a little face lift.  I am very pleased at how he came out and Gracie is happy too.

Gracelyn and ex-beau (for now) Troy

*                    *                   *                   *                   *                   *

I decided to repaint Dallas boyfriend (Mike) as well.   The first pic is how he looked before.

Dallas and Mike
This is from my Happy New Year post on 1/1/15

First repaint - sorry for bad pic

Second repaint

Final - the mole under the eye was removed

Michael wants to show off his tattoos too.  Lol!  I put these on him.

Dallas can't stop looking at her man's new look.  I like how this repaint turned out in comparison to the first pic.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be blessed!

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