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Dinner at Vino's Part II

Everyone has provided the specifics of their updates.  Lastly, Dallas provides them with an update on the reception hall and decoration ideas.

Julianna:  Well that  about wraps everything up until the next time.  I am ready to order.
Dallas:  Me too.   I am starving.

Waitress:  Hello.  Please take a moment to look over the menu and I will back shortly to take your orders.
Dallas:  Thank you.

Nikki and Trevor
Side Bar:  Remember Nikki from Dollar Tree Find ~ She was with TJ

Waitress:  Please follow me.

Meanwhile......the wives are having a starring match.
Meagan 25 - Vino's 2nd wife
She was granted 25% of the restaurant in the divorce decree and has not missed a day since she became a partner in the business.  She does so partly to aggravate the third wife, but also to ensure that she sees all of the money that comes in.  She knows first hand what a cheat Vino truly is.

Tracey 45 - Vino's 3rd wife
Tracey is the oldest of all the wives, but consider herself the most treasured.  Vino vowed that this will be the last wife.  Could it be because he only has 25% of the business share left?

Isabelle  39 - Vino's first wife and Mother of twin daughters
Isabelle was awarded 50% of Vino's in the divorce decree.  She was able to prove that Vino and Meagan had a very public affair that embarrassed her and their daughters so. 

Tracey decided that it was best to be friendly towards Isabelle because ultimately she had
the most control over the restaurant and Vino's heart.  She also knew that this pissed Meagan off to no end.  She had to stay on the "good" side.  Not to mention that Vino adores these snobbish little princesses of his.

Waitress:  Hello.  I apologize for the wait. May I take your order please?
Dallas:  Yes, may I have the Basil Meatball and Cheese Wrap?
Waitress:  Would you like that wrapped in a spinach or wheat wrap?
Dallas:  Wheat will be fine.  Oh, also, I would like a glass so that I may share the bottle of wine with my Mother.
Waitress:  Of course.  My pleasure.
Jackie:  Really?

Julianna:  That sounds delicious Dal, I think I will have the grilled chicken wrap.
Waitress:  And for you Madam?
Julianna:  I will have the grilled chicken spinach wrap with light dressing.
Waitress:  Would you like something to drink?
Julianna:  Yes, I will have a glass of your House red wine.  Thanks.
Waitress:  My pleasure.

Julianna:  While we are waiting.  I forgot to mention that the invitations will be ready by next Tuesday.
Christie:  That is wonderful dear!  That will allow me time to get them addressed and back to you by our deadline.
Julia (Ann):  We need to get them mailed as soon as possible.  I will pick up postage tomorrow. 
Waitress:  Your grilled chicken wrap Madam.  Is everyone else here okay?
Julia (Ann):  Yes, everything is fine.  Thank you.

*        *        *       *        *        *        *

In walks TJ and his date (Natasha).  He spots Nikki sitting at a table in the back.

He could not believe what he was seeing.  She told him that she was going to visit her grandmother who was ill.   He was looking so hard and was not paying any attention to where he was going and all of a sudden BAM!  He hit the floor.

Several grasp were heard throughout the restaurant.  The waitress and Natasha turned to see what the commotion was behind them.
Waitress:  Oh, my.
Natasha:  Honey, are you okay?

TJ:  My shoe got caught in my pant leg.Would you mind if we sat in the back?
Natasha:  Hmmm, okay.

Nikki and Trevor are so caught up in each other to the point that they never noticed what was going on around them.
     Nadja:  Is that that little twerp that was harassing me earlier? (Dollar Tree Find)

Nadja:  That is him!  I would recognize that big head from any where.

Waitress:  No, problem, please follow me.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Thanks for stopping by.  :-)
Be blessed!

Dinner at Vino's (Part I)

Julia, Jackie, and Christie arrived at Vino's early for their bi-weekly meeting to discuss the wedding plans.  The wedding is only a few months away.

A little background on the family.  Christie, Julia (Ann) and Jackie are the daughters of Julia.  Julia (Ann) the eldest was named after her Mother.  Her family calls her by her middle name "Ann".

Julia (Ann) and her spouse (Joe) have one daughter Julianna and one son Jacob.  They were were high school sweethearts.

Christie and her spouse (Curtis) the second born have two sons Darryl and Dexter.  Christie and Curtis were also high school sweethearts.

Jackie and her spouse (Charles) have five daughters and one son.  Nicole, Chandra, Dallas, Charles Jr (CJ), and twins Sade and Samantha (Sam).  They met their first year of college.  Charles and Jackie are also the proud grandparents of Ashley, Amari and Kaleb.

You will meet the families soon. 

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Meeting at Vino's....the sisters have already ordered and have spent their early arrival time to chat and catch up on the latest happenings within the family.  Christie likes to gossip a little.  She has filled them in on the latest saga with Vino (restaurant owner) and his wives.

Christie (yellow dress), Jackie (red/white jumpsuit), Julia (Ann )(red top)

Jackie:  I wonder what is taking the girls so long to get her.  I have things to do.
Christie:  Oh, Jackie please.  The only thing that you do on Monday night is watch tv.

The sisters eat, talk, and laugh for about 20 minutes.......

Jackie:  Thank goodness they are finally here.

Julianna, Dallas, and Ashley arrive for the dinner 

Dallas:  Ashley, no running sweetie.
Julianna:  She sees her Nana, so Auntie time is over.  

Ashley:  Grandma, Grandma!!
Jackie:  Hey, Grandma's little pumpkin pie.  How are you Princess?
Ashley:  I am fine (giggle).

Julianna:  Hi Auntie.  My apologies for our lateness.  We had two late night appointments.  

Christie:  Hi sweetie.  I figured as much.  How are you?
Julianna:  Muah (kiss on the cheek) I am well.  How are you?
Christie:  I couldn't possibly feel better.

Julianna:  Hi Aunt Jackie.  Muah (kiss on the cheek).  You look lovely as always.
Jackie:  Hi sweetness.  Thank you and so do you.

Dallas:  Hi Auntie Christie.  Muah (kiss on the cheek).  How are you?  Mom looks mad (snicker).
Christie:  Hi Puddin'.  I am well.  Don't pay her any mind.  She has had two glasses of wine.   She will be okay.

Dallas:  Mother Dearest.... Muah (kiss on the cheek)  Why are you giving me the evil eye?
Jackie:  We have been here for over an hour already.  My favorite show comes on tonight and you know how I am when I miss an episode of Orange Is the New Black.

Julianna:  Hi Mom.  Muah (kiss on the cheek).  I am sorry that we are late.  I tried calling you.
Julia:  Hello.  Honey, my phone is in my purse.  It is rude to have it on the dinner table.

Ashley:  Auntie Christie, your hair looks so pretty.
Christie:  Thank you.  I love yours too munchkin.

Dallas:  Mom, you have DVR.  We are here now, and I am sure that Daddy will record it for you.  Oh, and I need to borrow this jumpsuit.
Jackie:  Rolls her eyes at that comment.  I hope your father records it for me.
Dallas:  Are you kidding?  Dad lives for YOU.

Dallas:  Hi Auntie (kiss on the forehead)  How are you?  I have the items that you asked me to pick up for you from Pinky's.  Your sisters are going to be envious. (giggle)
Julia:  Thank you Cookie.  You are such a doll.

After the greetings, and a second apology for their tardiness, Julianna immediately starts their wedding plan discussion.

Julianna:  Auntie, will you please start by giving us an update on the bouquets.  When can Jabari and I see them?

To be continued in Part II.

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Be blessed!  

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