Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dinner at Vino's (Part I)

Julia, Jackie, and Christie arrived at Vino's early for their bi-weekly meeting to discuss the wedding plans.  The wedding is only a few months away.

A little background on the family.  Christie, Julia (Ann) and Jackie are the daughters of Julia.  Julia (Ann) the eldest was named after her Mother.  Her family calls her by her middle name "Ann".

Julia (Ann) and her spouse (Joe) have one daughter Julianna and one son Jacob.  They were were high school sweethearts.

Christie and her spouse (Curtis) the second born have two sons Darryl and Dexter.  Christie and Curtis were also high school sweethearts.

Jackie and her spouse (Charles) have five daughters and one son.  Nicole, Chandra, Dallas, Charles Jr (CJ), and twins Sade and Samantha (Sam).  They met their first year of college.  Charles and Jackie are also the proud grandparents of Ashley, Amari and Kaleb.

You will meet the families soon. 

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Meeting at Vino's....the sisters have already ordered and have spent their early arrival time to chat and catch up on the latest happenings within the family.  Christie likes to gossip a little.  She has filled them in on the latest saga with Vino (restaurant owner) and his wives.

Christie (yellow dress), Jackie (red/white jumpsuit), Julia (Ann )(red top)

Jackie:  I wonder what is taking the girls so long to get her.  I have things to do.
Christie:  Oh, Jackie please.  The only thing that you do on Monday night is watch tv.

The sisters eat, talk, and laugh for about 20 minutes.......

Jackie:  Thank goodness they are finally here.

Julianna, Dallas, and Ashley arrive for the dinner 

Dallas:  Ashley, no running sweetie.
Julianna:  She sees her Nana, so Auntie time is over.  

Ashley:  Grandma, Grandma!!
Jackie:  Hey, Grandma's little pumpkin pie.  How are you Princess?
Ashley:  I am fine (giggle).

Julianna:  Hi Auntie.  My apologies for our lateness.  We had two late night appointments.  

Christie:  Hi sweetie.  I figured as much.  How are you?
Julianna:  Muah (kiss on the cheek) I am well.  How are you?
Christie:  I couldn't possibly feel better.

Julianna:  Hi Aunt Jackie.  Muah (kiss on the cheek).  You look lovely as always.
Jackie:  Hi sweetness.  Thank you and so do you.

Dallas:  Hi Auntie Christie.  Muah (kiss on the cheek).  How are you?  Mom looks mad (snicker).
Christie:  Hi Puddin'.  I am well.  Don't pay her any mind.  She has had two glasses of wine.   She will be okay.

Dallas:  Mother Dearest.... Muah (kiss on the cheek)  Why are you giving me the evil eye?
Jackie:  We have been here for over an hour already.  My favorite show comes on tonight and you know how I am when I miss an episode of Orange Is the New Black.

Julianna:  Hi Mom.  Muah (kiss on the cheek).  I am sorry that we are late.  I tried calling you.
Julia:  Hello.  Honey, my phone is in my purse.  It is rude to have it on the dinner table.

Ashley:  Auntie Christie, your hair looks so pretty.
Christie:  Thank you.  I love yours too munchkin.

Dallas:  Mom, you have DVR.  We are here now, and I am sure that Daddy will record it for you.  Oh, and I need to borrow this jumpsuit.
Jackie:  Rolls her eyes at that comment.  I hope your father records it for me.
Dallas:  Are you kidding?  Dad lives for YOU.

Dallas:  Hi Auntie (kiss on the forehead)  How are you?  I have the items that you asked me to pick up for you from Pinky's.  Your sisters are going to be envious. (giggle)
Julia:  Thank you Cookie.  You are such a doll.

After the greetings, and a second apology for their tardiness, Julianna immediately starts their wedding plan discussion.

Julianna:  Auntie, will you please start by giving us an update on the bouquets.  When can Jabari and I see them?

To be continued in Part II.

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Be blessed!  


  1. Oooo.... I was just setting in for the story. These are some gorgeous sisters....great genes and the red hair is fly! I'm ready to make reservations st Vino's...looks quaint. Staying tuned for parts 2+

    1. Thanks Bre!!! The sisters have those good old Mattel genes before the hard plastic bodies. Lol!! I am happy you liked the story. :-)

  2. Love the sisters' style!!! This (photostory) came right on time... :-)

    1. Thank you Tracy India!! :-) They are very close.

  3. The sisters are a beautiful looking group! I love the purse on the last photo. The décor is great, I love what you did with the walls! :-)

    1. Thank you Linda! :-) The purse is a paper clip purse. I purchased it at Barbie Con sales room last year. I created the walls a few years ago.

  4. They are such a close family, love this story!

    1. Thank you Billa! :-). I appreciate your nice comment.

  5. Girl, you must have heard me thinking, "When are we gonna see Juliana again?" I thought about asking the other day when I was reading your Halloween post, but I decided to be patient :) Are you intentionally keeping the details a secret so we'll be surprised? And are you planning to do a bridal shower photo story? If so, I need to start shopping for a gift.

    1. Interestingly, I had this story in draft for atleast a month. I wanted to share the pictures as a video because it was so many pictures. Finally, I decided that enough time had passed and that I needed to go ahead and just publish it.

      I planned to do a dress selection, bridal shower, girl's night out and everything, but time is moving SO fast. I wanted the wedding to be this year, but it is not going to happen, so definitely early 2016. Aww, that is so sweet about the gift. We need to get something special for Brandy as well. :-)

  6. Beautiful sisters and mother. Enjoyed their interaction, their fashion sense, and the decor!



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