Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is for you Tracy India! "Nichelle Complexion Comparison"

Tracy India of Dolls and the City wrote a post on Monday about Model of the Moment Nichelle.  She is seeking an articulated body match for her.  I thought hmmm, I do not have one to sell, but I could possibly help by assisting her with the body complexion comparisons.  Some of the dolls are very far off in complexion comparisons and were just photographed...just because. ; )  I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Leo that photographing the darker complexion dolls is very hard.  I would think that perhaps natural light will do the trick. I will have to give it a try.   What do you think?  Tracy India, I hope this helps.

Top Model Nikki and Model of the Moment Nichelle

Dynamite Girl (FR) and Model of the Moment Nichelle

Nadja (FR) and Model of the Moment Nichelle

Alvin Ailey and Model of the Moment Nichelle

SIS Pastry Chandra and Model of the Moment Nichelle

Quiet Storm Annik (FR) and Model of the Moment Nichelle

I my opinion, Quiet Storm Annik matches her to the tee.  Nadja is a very close match.  I hope she will find one without paying two arms and two legs...no pun intended.  If only Mattel would listen.

Be blessed!


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