Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New SIS Dolls

I am suppose to be on "no doll or doll related shopping" for a month.  Well, I have already blown that and it is just the 6th of July.  The New Pastry girls have arrived in the ATL!!  They are too cute and I could not resist.  Walmart only had two of them, Grace and Kara.  Enough said, judge for your pretty!!





And more purchases that I just had to have. She is the Engineer AA Barbie Can Do Anything

           She comes with the cutest doll house..I was sold when I saw this.

                                         Swapping Head Artsy


             I do not like the swapping bodies, but I love the curly hair.

Be blessed. 


  1. I'm waiting to find the new Pastry & the architect dolls. I'm glad Kara looks great. I want her. I need the glasses, tube, hard hat, & house from the architect set. Great new non doll goodies :O) I wouldn't be able to resist them either

  2. I am so anxious to debox the Architect. I especially want the glasses and that adorable little dollhouse. Hopefully, they will arrive in your city soon.

  3. Wow!! You're lucky to have obtained these beauties. I want the Architect. Hopefully she will arrive in the Chicagoland area soon!

  4. Thanks Thriftymamma7! I found the other two on Saturday. I will post soon.

  5. I have yet to see those anywhere around NJ!
    Ooh I'm so upset with the stores out here! They are so lame when it comes to AA dolls! They look really cute!


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