Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Rehearsal Dinner

A couple of my fellow bloggers that I love to follow, are preparing for weddings VanessaEbony Nicole, Dani, and last but certainly not least Adrian.  I believe that Tracy India is also planning a wedding.  We miss you Tracy India!!  I thought that this would be a great time to share a rehearsal dinner and wedding (to follow) that I did back in 2009.  The rehearsal/wedding came about when a yahoo group that I am a member of hosted a doll that would tour the homes of members that requested him.  His name is Sergio and his profession is a masseuse.  I couldn't quite come up with a way to use him as a masseuase and decided to use in him in a different way.  The "tour guy" as he was called came to my town to attend his best friend from college wedding.  The setting is after the wedding rehearsal.  The bridal party has arrived at Vino's.  I had so much fun shooting the pics for this project.  It is housed on my webshots and I finally figured out to share it here.  No music, I'm not that advanced (lol)! Okay, warning it is lengthy, so grab your favorite snack and ...enjoy! 

Tour Guy Visit (rehearsal)

The props were created with foam core, scapbooking paper, chairs are candle holders from Big Lots, table tops are candle holders from Dollar Tree, rements glasses, printed menus and food items.

P.S.  The bride's favorite color is ...you guessed it - PINK!   ; )

I hope you enjoyed it~!


  1. The venue was packed, everyone was nicely dressed, and appeared to be having a great time.

    I'm glad you figured out how to share it here.


  2. Thanks Debbie! I had fun with it. I don't understand why the words were not there. They are actually shown on my webshots. I was excited that I figured it out too.

  3. Very nice! You have a couple guys that I have never seen before. The room looks great! I love that color combo.

  4. Thanks so much! You are the queen of dioramas and your comments means alot to me. I didn't realize that I had so many guys. Lol! I rarely buy them.


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