Sunday, June 12, 2011

Introduction...Welcome to Pink Obsession!

This is my first post so without further ado, I will introduce you to my world.  I will begin by sharing with you some pics (Part 1) of my doll collection dressed guessed it Pink!

Halloween Barbie in Janay outfit

Lingerie Silkstone in Fashion Fever

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in Fashion Fever

Top Model Barbie in Dollar Store outfit

OOAK Lea received as a swap "Asian Flavor"
doll artist is Varinia

Barbie (can't remember her proper name)

Redressed thrift store doll in Fashion Fever
(Note: she is a hybrid)

Glamour to Go Adele in Fashion Fever

Thrift store doll in Barbie Collectibles outfit

Nikki - One of the first AA dolls with some articulation
(elbow and hands only)

I hope I did not overload you....until the next time be blessed!


  1. Awesome pictures! I am excited about your new blog. I know you have lots to share and I can't wait to see it all!

    By the way, are you aware that your site it set up with a content warning?

  2. Thanks Vanessa, I removed it. Now I have added something else to my plate as if I didn;'t have enough to do with my life already Lol!! You guys made blogging seem so here I am.

  3. Loving the blog!! Your girls are so pinkalicious!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  4. Thanks! I am having fun. I just need to take more time out to shoot more pics. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to play ; )

  5. I love your ladies. It's great to see another vinyl lover sharing their collection :O)

  6. Thank you! I DO love this hobby! : )


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