Monday, June 13, 2011

Part 2 of Welcome

Happy Monday!

These are more pics of my pink collection.  I will share more with you over a period of time.  This was just a warm up to get me started.

One of my favorite Adele's in Miss B's outfit (Beyonce')
The chaise is one of my favorite props.

February birthstone in Fashion Fever outfit
(well the props are pink Lol!)  I made the hat boxes.

My girl Kira in the little card outfit...the one with no shoes.

Best Model

These were my travel divas' for Barbie Con '10

Another photo of them - their "whole" travel wardrobe consisted of pink.

My living niece who I simply adore.  She accompanied
me to Barbie Con '10 and plans to attend the Wu Convention with me this year.
She could care less about Barbie or her friends (lol!)

Thanks for viewing.  Until next time toodles and God bless!


  1. LOVE your chaise!! And how sweet that you and your niece get some "us" time!! LOVE THAT!!!

  2. Thanks Step-a-nie/Pixxa! She is my road dog. It would be nice if she was a doll collector ; )

  3. I will see you at FR convention in Oct. I am hostess for Table 39 :O) I wish my road dog was still local

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love those hat boxes!


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