Monday, November 14, 2011

Pics from FR Convention finally!

I am just getting around to posting pics from my first FR Convention.  First off, I had a blast!!!  I met a LOT of nice people (including some from the doll boards and blogs).  I also gained two wonderful dolly friends whom I have been in contact with since convention.  I took along four travel dolls whom are dear to me.  I couldn't decide on which "one" to take basically because they are the FR dolls that started it for me.

                                         My Travel Divas

Close Up Adele, Seashore Rebel Natalia, Skin Is In Kyori, and Style Renaissance Adele

Besties Forever!

Sisters for life!

Now on to the convention dolls (that you have most likely already seen).  I am only sharing a few.  The following are centerpiecce dolls that conventioneers won the right to purchase.  Three people at each table were selected randomly to win the rights to purchase the doll.  The first number called gets the displayed center piece doll.


Poppy - (for Popply Luncheon)

Psychedelic Splash Erin (I won the rights for her and she is gorgeous!!!)

FR2 Tatyana

The food was...okay. 

The museum was nice.  I loved that they showcased old and new dolls.

Older FR dolls

Love this luggage!!  I hope they decide to offer it for sale

New 16 inch dolls

Cool dioramas....

Caught in the act

This one won the competition

Loved it!!  by Johanna (Stinker Stuff)

 I received really nice table gifts.  The following are the gifts that I created for my tablemates.  A dress, four shopping bags and a silver handbag filled with $$ and a passport. Just what a girl needs to Jet Set to a place for some "good" shopping. 

Gucci and Louis Vutton shopping bags (yes, they were empty - Lol!)

Chanel and Coach shopping bags

silver bag w/$$ and passport

And finally some of my haul!  The rest is still packed. 

A pic of Jason Wu and Vaughn Sawyer.  They were both very nice.  Vaughn is one of the designers for Integrity.

Jason  and Vaughn

I had a blast and look so forward to Orlando in 2012.  Thanks for following. 

Be blessed!



  1. Sounds like the convention was very exciting! :) I loved your pictures. The food looks kind of....icky. lol What was it? I'm not a very adventurous eater. :/

  2. Hi Cat, thanks. It was very exciting. The food was baked chicken with some type potatoes and asparagus. The dessert was yulky and I don't know what it was. I am somewhat of a picky eater so the convention food didn't do it for me.

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a blast. Your pictures are amazing! The dolls are all so beautiful! I have yet to go to my first doll convention. I have been to comic con with my brother at his table ( he is a huge artist) and that was cool. He did static shock among other cool work. His name is Denys Cowan, you can find him on google. That was my first time at any type of show. Nothing as cool as the FR convention! Thanks for posting your pics and allowing me to partake in it thru your eyes. And yes that food looked yucky! I feel you on the picky eater thing. I am totally Monkisk (after the tv show) when it comes to my food and eating out lol.

  4. Thanks Chynadoll! I did have a great time. Thanks for your nice comments. I will check out your brother's work. My nephew mentioned going to Comic Con. It seems like it would be pretty cool. Lol on reference to Monkisk.

  5. @Chynadoll - OMG, your brother is a VERY well known artist wow! I watched the YouTube video and checked out most of the google info on him. He is even in Wikipedia!! That is super cool!!! You guys are so talented!! BTW, he's very handsome! I see the resemblance. Now, I have to call my nephew and tell him.

  6. wish i was there to feel the fun...
    dolls so lovely

  7. Lol I will tell him you said he is handsome :) just to share a little something with you, his best friend is Reggie Hudlin ( he was or is the president at BET) well any way, my brother commissioned me to do two dolls for his daughter! I did a small Kelly doll and a My Scene doll. He loved them! He got me to then do one for Ziggy Marley! I am so stoked! Tell nephew if he is a fan of my brothers work, I can see if I can get some swag for him :)

  8. *Sigh* One day, I hope to go to a convention. Jason Wu is a rock star in the doll collector community, LOL. Fabulous photos, thanks for taking us there. :)

  9. Impressive haul! My favorite is the one with the 3 Dynamite dolls (?) - all three dolls hold their elbows crossed. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm late to the party, but I'm here!!! Great pictures. Loved the pics of your travel dolls. Aren't conventions wonderful? I've only been to a Tonner convention, but it is the experience of a lifetime. My, what a nice doll stash you acquired. I saw Darius in the mix. Loved your table gifts, too. I am with you on that luggage. Gorgeous!

  11. Is it okay that I want to kiss Jason Wu and Vanessa knows why!

  12. EbonyNicole - LOLOL! Not too many people can get me laughing at 4am in the morn!

  13. Love the photos! I see why the FR dolls are new loves. They are indeed fabulous!

  14. Really nice Pics, I will hope to make it to this convention one day.

  15. Me, too, myfavoritebarbie. I would LOVE to go to a Fashion Royalty Convention. Wow, wow, wow.


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