Thursday, January 5, 2012

First rebody of the year

Happy New Year!!!!

This is my first post of the year.  I have not made any resolutions but I have set several goals and one of them is that I post more often.  I have begun to work on my doll room that I refer to as "Obsession".  I gave it this name because it houses my dolls, my hobby, my passion.  I took some before pics and will continue to do so to show the progression.  My targeted date is by the end of first quarter (March 31st).  So we'll see....

Okay, my first rebody of 2012 will be Lea whom I have renamed Ami (pronounced Amy) aka Mimi.  The body matches her skin tone very well.  She will be rebodied with one of the new Fashionista pivotal bodies.

Ami:  I can't stop dreaming about getting a new body.

Racquel Fashionista w/new pivotal body

Killer shoes - I had to have them!

Ami:  I'm finally free!!!

Ami:  Sleep is for the birds!  I have to show off this new bod.

Ami:  I'm out of here!
  And just to share my last rebodies from 2011...

Stardoll Pretty In Love (renamed "B'onca") received Artsy body

Stardoll Fallen Angel 2 (renamed "Cai") received Mon Z body
Thanks for following.  Be blessed!



  1. Yeah! A new post for the new year. I love all the new rebodied dolls. They look fabulous.

  2. The dolls look fabulous. Those shoes are "killers!"

    I look forward to seeing your before and after room images.


  3. Thanks ladies!

    @dbg - I plan to blog about the room once it's done. I have been collecting since '95 so if you can imagine....three words...too many dolls. Lol!

  4. She looks great! I imagine Raquelle's head will be like Artsy's head--all the rebodiers will have a ton of the heads laying around because those bodies are needed to match hard-to-match skintones.

  5. Thanks Miss_Lola_77! She has such a pretty face, I'm sure I will rebody her lol. Thanks for following. I am now following you as well.

  6. Look at that bed! Is it from a playset? I know I'm late in the game for collecting, but is it very old?

  7. Hey, It's Muff! No, it was produced maybe about 4 years ago. I bought it from a lady while attending Barbie Con in 2010.

  8. Thanks, Georgia Girl, for noting which bodies you used for your rebodying. Will help when I do rebodying ;-)


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