Saturday, September 10, 2011

My latest commission

I would like to show you my latest commission.  I was given a photo and asked to create a doll for her Mom's birthday this year.  The picture was a picture of her Mom at her 50th birthday party last year.  She had a 70's party.   Please excuse my pics.  The first pic is a picture of a picture. I couldn't seem to get a good shot without the glare (yes, I even took a few without the flash, but to no avail).

Please meet Ms. Gladys.

Ms. Gladys partying for 50th birthday party - 70's style

Flash light...neon light....

OOAK created by Diva Designs by vickey
 The customer was extremely happy and has inquired about getting a couple more for gifts.

Thanks for looking.  Be blessed!


  1. Wow! You nailed this spot on! Great job... I'm gonna get you to come work with me LOL. You style, I repaint... LOL great job once again. I might have to get you to do one for me!

  2. She looks great! Go 'head Gladys!

  3. @Chynadoo, thanks so much!! Your compliment means a lot to me. I would love to work with you. Creating "personality" dolls, as I call them are some of my favorites to create. Anytime you're ready just shoot me a pic of what you would like recreated and it's on. Lol!

    @ Dani, thanks!! Ms. Gladys was having a ball for her 50th! Lol! I really appreciate your compliment.

  4. I will certainly keep that in mind! I just might be calling on your talents soon. I have a customer who wants a repaint, but she wants mod clothing like your Mrs Gladys lol

  5. That is really awesome! And Gladys looks like a fabulous lady!

  6. @ Chynadoll - Okay, cool. Let me know. I love the Mod era style.

    @pudgybudgie - Thanks so much!! She was very fun to recreate.

  7. You are good! The doll is rocking that 'fro! I'm sure the daughter was pleased.


  8. Thanks dbg! The daughter presented her this week and made a video on her cell phone for me to see. Her Mom was really tickled pink. She kept saying, "a 51 year old woman with a doll - lol"! She does not have a clue that there are several grown people with dolls. Lol!

  9. Georgia Girl, you are spot on!! The resemblance is AMAZING!!!

  10. hi i love fashion royalties i want one but i can't find any in jamaica


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