Friday, August 12, 2016

Daddy's Girl

Long time no post....

I have been here following your post, but unfortunately I have not had the time to compose a post of my own.  Why?  Well we had a new addition to be born into our family in December and he has completely stolen my heart.  I was going by to visit my great-nephew everyday from the day that he was born up until he was around 6 months I go a few times a week.  Recently,  I decided that I missed playing and that I needed to get back to my life.  Michael turned 8 months old on yesterday.

At the end of July, some dolly friends and myself went to Florida to attend the Barbie Convention Doll Show and Sale.  I will post some dolly pictures from that very fun event later.

I have not forgotten about those of you who wants to know what happens next involving Vino.  Well, he is still married to wife number 3 and the drama continues.  No, Julianna and Jabari have not gotten married, but now that I am getting back to my life, I plan to move forward with planning their wedding before the end of the year.

                        *                    *                    *                    *

Julianna is meeting her Mother at Pinky's with hopes of selecting the shoes for her special day.  NOTE:  Julia is called Ann by her family.  For this post (since it has been so long) I will use both names.

Julia (Ann) waits patiently as the customers come in and out of the boutique.

She sits patiently and admires the Mother with her little one.  She smiles as she remember her precious Jul being just as helpful at that age.

Little girl:  Mommy, here you go.  I know you can't bend down to get it.
                      Mommy-to-be:  Thanks baby.  You are always so helpful.
                      Little girl:  You are well-com. (chuckle)


                    Julianna:  Hi Mom, I tried to get here as fast as I could.
                    Julia (Ann):  Hi Sweetness.  It gave me a chance to rest.

                    Julianna greets her Mom with a hug as she always does.



Julianna:  Mom, I really appreciate your helping me to look for shoes.  I have not seen any that I really like.  I may have to order them online.
Julia Ann:  I saw a beautiful pair that Leslie just placed on the shelf.  She said that they came in earlier today and that they are one of a kind.
Julianna:  Really?!
Julia (Ann):  Yes, and I think you will love them.  It is the white pair in the clear display case.


Julianna goes to check them out.  Julianna (in thought)...these shoes are $995.  Dad said anything I want, but I don't think this is what he was speaking of.



Julianna:  Mom, this shoe is beautiful, but $995.  Dad is going to have a fit.  You know how cheap he is.  (chuckle)
Julia (Ann):  Cheap he is (chuckle).  They are beautiful and he told me nothing is too much for his Princess. So they are yours baby, if you want them.
Julianna:  Oh, Mom, you guys are the best!  I love you! Thank you!!

They proceed to the register, until Julianna gets side tracked and sees the new arrivals.


Leslie:  Would you like them specially wrapped Mrs. Debreaux?
Julia (Ann):  Yes, please.  Thank you Leslie.
Leslie:  May I interest you in anything else, maybe a matching purse?
Julia (Ann):  Sweetheart, would you like to add anything else?
Julianna:  No, thanks Mom, I am just looking at these cute little dresses.


Julia (Ann):  I don't believe so, Leslie.   This will do it.
Leslie:  Okay.  Your total is $1064.65.

Julia hands the clerk her credit card to process the payment.  Thinking...He is going to pitch a fit, but he did say anything for his Princess, so the fit may have to be pitched.

Julianna:  Mom, thanks so much.  I have to be the luckiest girl in the world to have the best Mom in the world.

Julia (Ann):  I am the luckiest Mother in the world, because I have the best daughter in the world.
Julianna:  Oh Mom, I love you.

Julianna's wedding shoes.

Be blessed and thanks for stopping by.

My little big guy 


  1. First I want to say how adorable your great nephew is. What a sweetheart! The wedding shoes are really pretty. Did you enhance them? I can't imagine spending that much for a pair of shoes, though (lol). Only in our dolly lives, right?!

    1. Hi Phyllis, Thanks! He is so precious!!

      No, I didn't enhance the shoes. I purchased them from a lady at Barbie Con. I am with you, I would never pay that for shoes either! Only in the doll world where I live vicariously through them! Ha!

  2. Congrats, Georgia Girl, you are the second place winner of my Birthday Giveaway! Go to my blog to select your doll and get the information to respond to me!

    1. Wow!!! Thanks SO much!! You made my day!!! This is so very sweet of you to give something away on your!

  3. I am so happy to see you're back. I go through my list of blogs I haven't figured out how to subscribe to and I was so surprised and happy to see a new post. Yes, I am hoping to see Vino soon. The wedding shoes are pretty. Expensive, but pretty. Can we get a close up of that armoire with the doors? I like it. It's perfect. Oh, and Julianna's bag is very nice. Welcome Back!

    1. I sent a couple of pictures to you.

    2. Hi. I don't see an e-mail message. I checked spam too. Would you mind trying again? Thank you.

  4. Hi Jay, Thanks! I am happy to be back. I will have to put the restaurant back together to shoot more Vino pics. It was set up on my dining room table. Lol! The armoire was from Bath and Body Works...back in the day when they gave nice items such as this filled with body care items. I will send you a picture of the armoire.

    Julianna's bag was also a Barbie Con purchase.

  5. Hiya Georgia Girl! Yeah you're back! I love Pinkys. The ladies are elegant. Keep em coming - like I should talk. I need to get back too. And your lil dude just keeps getting cuter!

    1. Hi DeMari!! Thank you so much!! I need to get started on this wedding. It is way overdue. Lol!

      Yes, my little big never cease to amaze me. He is such a sweetie!

  6. I'm so glad we guilted you into doing a post- LOL The shoe store is fab and those shoes from Barbie Con are da bomb!! Julianna has expensive tastes. I hope Jabari is ready to spoil her like Daddy does.

    1. Yes, Jewell!! You guys are the ones behind it! Lol!! I love those shoes. We need to do a workshop and make some. Jabari knows what he is getting himself into. If no Daddy Debreaux have no problem telling him so. Lol!

  7. Michael is adorable! I can understand why you temporarily forgot your life after he was born. Babies are such a blessing.

    I enjoyed the post. I'm sure Julianna's dad won't pitch too much of a fit. It seems as though she has his wrapped around her little finger.


    1. A www, thanks Debbie! Yes, babies are blessing and so precious!! It has been several years since we had a baby in the family. She has a 21 year old and 18 year old, so he has captured us all.

      I am happy that you enjoyed the post. Julianna's father was just fine. She has him wrapped around her fingers and Michael has mine.

  8. What a cutie-pie! No wonder you were distracted for so long, lol. You had to have time to pinch those chubby cheeks. Welcome back! It's great to see you and your dolls.

    1. Thanks Muff! I am happy to be back. Yes, I was totally distracted by him! I was also pinching those fat little rolls on his thighs and filling his cheeks with kisses. Lol!

  9. Great to see you back! Seeing how cute your nephew is, though, I completely understand why he took up so much of your time!

    Lol, sometimes it pays to be a Daddy's Girl; you get anything you want! I can't wait to see what Julianna's dress looks like with the shoes.

    1. Thank you Champagne Star!! I am happy to be back. Thanks for your sweet comments about MJ. He is such a sweetie!

      Julianna has the best of both worlds...a father who adores her and a fiancee' who adores her just as much! Lol!


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