Sunday, March 9, 2014

Juliana and Jabari ~ Hanging with my babe!

Happy Sunday!!

I actually attempted to take the pictures around Valentine's Day, but had issues with my camera (batteries died on me twice), so that is why the V Day bag is apart of this photoshoot (lol).

Juliana and Jabari has returned from a day of pampering and shopping.  After breakfast, they started their afternoon by shopping and retired to getting a couples massage, facials, and (with Juliana's pleading) a mani and pedi. They stopped by Tiffany's to have her ring cleaned.  Note:  They were engaged at Christmas, so check out the rock that Jabari proposed to her with.  Three carats!

Juliana:  Honey go ahead and eat.  I am going to rest a bit before heading home.
Juliana: To Prince and Princess (dogs) Hi guys! 

Princess:  arf arf
Prince: (in a louder) woof woof

Jabari:  I can't wait to bite into this wrap.  I need to invest in some stock with Chynadoll's Deli as much as I eat there. (chuckle)
Juliana:  I know right!  Me and the girls eat there at least once a week.  So delicious AND healthy.  You can't beat having them both in one spot.

Juliana:  Were you guys good?
Prince:  woof woof
Princess:  Too cute to respond : )

Jabari:  Babe, you forgot to remind me to stop by Pet Smarts to get treats for them.  Now he is all up in my face looking like where are they Pops.
Jabari: to Prince ~ I got you man.  Luckily I have a couple left in the bag.

Juliana:  Oh honey, I forgot.  I will pick them up some tomorrow.  I plan to stop by the mall to look for dresses for our grandmothers.
Jabari:  I will do it babe.  Those bags are too heavy for you to carry and I need to pick up some food for my boy.  

Juliana:  Okay, that is fine.  You don't have to pick up any for Princess.  Her grandparents bought enough to last for the remainder of the year. (chuckle)
Jabari:  Cool!

Juliana:  Honey, I need your final list of groomsmen as soon as possible.  We need to plan a meeting within the next month with our bridal party so that we can get committments from everybody.  You know Auntie Diahann will hold nothing back when she gets involved with the planning.  I need everything to be in place so that she does not offend any of our friends (chuckle).  She can be over the top sometimes.
Jabari:  I plead the 5th!  I don't play with those Carroll sisters.  (chuckle)  I will have it to you before the week is out.  I am waiting to hear from Mike and Kolbe.
Juliana:  Okay, please set a reminder in your phone.
Jabari:  Okay, babe. I gotcha. 

Juliana:  I love love my new pink Coach bag!  I had my eye on it from day one, but refused to pay what they were selling it for.  Thank goodness for the after Valentine's Day sale.  Thank you Cupid (chuckle)!  No seriously, thank you honey.  To Prince and Princess, "you guys see what Daddy got for me".

Juliana:  Baby, time will be here before you know it.  We have so much do and so little time to do it.  I am so happy that Mommy and Auntie Diahann have volunteered to do most of the leg work.  It really helps that they are retired divas with nothing but time on their hands.
Jabari:  That is the great thing.  Once my Mom is able to join them they will be the dynamic trio.
They both laugh
Juliana:  Yes, your Mom fits right in with them.  Truly amazing how well they all have it hit if off.  Mom adores your Mom and my Dad is crazy about Mr. Remi.  He said Mr. Remi is the brother he has always wanted. (chuckle)  Two peas in a pod. 

Jabari:  I know and my parents feel the same.  Pops was telling me the other day about all of the fun they had on the cruise in December.  He was like son, Bradley said this and Bradley did that.
Juliana:  I can only imagine what my Dad was doing (shaking her head).  Sometimes I wonder how he captured Mom. She is so prim and proper and he is the total opposite.  He always say it was his charm that got her.  (chuckle)
Jabari:  Mr. Deveaux is a cool dude though.  I feel blessed to have the in-laws that I am about to have.
Juliana:  Me too babe.  Me too.

Juliana gets up to gather her things so that she can head home.                          

Jabari:  Don't forget I am getting with Pops this week to take a look at that land that Grandma left for me and Jay.  We have one year to make it happen and I want us to be on target with everything.  I will move in with Jay if I have to for a few weeks until the house is ready.  Once he tells me what is mine, we need to get with the contractor asap.
Juliana:  Okay, no problem babe.  I already have it on my calendar.  (smile)  You know I don't skip a beat.
Jabari:  Who you telling?  I know you remember.  And he kisses her.

Juliana:  Thanks for another lovely weekend babe.  I LOVE (with emphasis) you!
Jabari:  Not possibly more than I love you.
Juliana:  I so beg to differ (chuckle).
Juliana:  Alright babe, I am going to head home.  I have a couple of projects that I must complete before the night is over.  Mom and Dad are coming in to town next week to check on a couple of their properties and you know Dad will want a full report as to what, when, where, and how.
Jabari:  Mr. Deveaux wants to make sure his money is right (chuckle).   Your Pops don't play when it comes to his family and his money.
Juliana:  Yep!  The only time I have ever heard my Dad raise his voice was when someone had temporary insanity and attempted to mess with one or the other.  (chuckle)  Let me get out of here, I will be on Dad's list if I don't get those projects done. 

Juliana:  See you later honey.  (In thought) I can't wait to be Mrs. Jabari Remi.  I love my man!

Jabari:  (In thought)  That's MY woman!  I love my baby!

Juliana:  I will call you when I make it home babe.  In thought ~ I HAVE to be the luckiest girl on earth. 

While driving home, Juliana decides to call her cousin Dallas to tell her about who she saw while out shopping today.  She was not going to believe it.  Um um um....

Juliana:  Places a call to her cousin Dallas (using her built-in handfree cell device).  Hey Dal, girl I have something to tell you!
Dallas:  What?!  Did Prince beat up your little Princess? chuckle
Juliana:  No, heifer Prince did not!  I told you, he is not a vicious dog.  Not to mention you know Princess runs circles around him. (chuckle)  So whatever!  I am on my way home, so get the champagne glasses chilled....

Thanks for stopping by!
Be blessed : )


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  2. I love the way Jabari has decorated his living area. I couldn't stop looking at each scene to check out the beautiful decor.

    Juliana's ring and her new Coach bag are nice. She's a lucky woman.

    It was good seeing a new blog post from you.


    1. Thanks Debbie! Jabari had just a little help of course. He does have style though. : )

      I made the Coach bag at one my club meetings. Her ring is definitely bling, bling! Lol!

  3. Hi
    Nice one! I like the outfit of the characters. Wish i could do the same thing too but im not that techie.i like the outfit of “from farmer to warden”.. really interesting dubai escort massage

  4. Yay! A new post. This couple is so cute together. Great story. I have to agree about your beautiful decor. It is so realistic and very stylish. Love seeing the two dogs.

    1. Hi Vanessa! : ) I told you I was going to post more this year. They are my favorite couple in my town that still has no name. Lol!

      Prince is a sweetie, but Princess has major attitude. ; )

  5. Hi! Wow, the living room looks fabulous, and I like the dogs too. Great story, what a nice couple, they love each other very much :-)!

    1. Hi Nymphaea! Thanks for following! They love each other very much! Thanks so much for your nice comments! : )

  6. Hola, tienes muebles hermosos, las fotos son muy reales, me gusta mucho tu blog.

    1. Hola! ¡Muchas gracias! Fondo disfruto bloguear, pero la vida se interpone en el camino tanto que no soy capaz de hacer mucho. Te agradezco tu amable comentario! : )

  7. I I LOVE THESE TWO! So nice to see you posting again. :-) Jabari is quite a catch and I'm proud of him for putting a ring on it. ;-) Is it going to be tough deciding which living room set they'll keep after they're married? Julianna's sectional is equally beautiful.

    Great story.

    1. Hi Tracy India! : ) Thanks so much!!

      I am going to try my best to do a post every week. Jabari is the perfect gentleman. He had to put a ring on it...her Daddy don't play that! Lol!

      Juliana's furniture will probably go to her cousin Dallas who she shares a condo with or Jabari's furniture will go to his brother Jay. Maybe they will purchase new furniture for their new home. : )

  8. Love it Georgia girl! I always have the watch it several times to study the sets! So realistic! Keep on posting!

    1. Thanks De Mari! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for stopping by. ; )

  9. Bling bling! Congrates to them on their engagement! Love Juliana's new bag. Gotta love them sales. :)

    1. Hi Adrian! : ). I love bling bling! Lol! I made Juliana's bag. Thanks for following. ; )

  10. Fun to read about Juliana and Jabari. Love seeing and hearing from Princess and Prince ;-) The contrast between makes them so cute.

    Jabari's place is incredible - that gorgeous dark chocolate brown sofa with the perfect-scale leopard print pillows that look sooo cozy, the cool giraffe, the plants, and the African-safari-theme fits him so well.

    As for Juliana's ring - eyes popping - go girl. Go Jabari, too.

    Looking forward to reading about their happy event-to-come.

    1. Hi D7ana! Thanks for your nice comments. Jabari had help with his decor. ; ). I absolutely love Vanessa's furniture. She matched up the fabrics very well.

      Jabari and Juliana have so much love for each other. I have some time before the wedding. Maybe early next year.

  11. Hello from Spain: welcome back to your blog. I am happy to see your photos and your collection. Your furniture is fabulous. This room is perfect. I really like pets. The outfits are very pretty. A very real story .. keep in touch

  12. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry I missed this post! The space is really fantastic. Are the dogs those Schelinging ones? I know I spelled that wrong, but Target carries these realistic looking animals that look very detailed as yours do.

  13. Awesome post! As usual, I love everything. Have an amazing brand new week!


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    1. Hi Sandy. Thanks so much! My apology for the late post. I am getting back to my blog and was going through them all. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. What a beautiful couch for your dolls!! I love all the details you took care of while creating the diorama,great job!! :)

    1. Hi Pam, thanks so much!! I apologize for the very late comment. I was going through my post and saw that I didn't respond to this one. The couch was done by Vanessa (Van's doll treasure blog.


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