Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chandra's body donor...who will it be?

Most of you probably have seen the new So In Style Dolls review on Blackdollcollecting and limbedolls.  I purchased a second Chandra so that I could finally free one of my dark-skinned girls.  The choice was kind of hard in deciding which one would get the first body, so I requested the assistance from Hailey (Alvin Ailey Barbie).  Let's see who it will be....

Hailey:  Welcome!
I have been asked to assist with "who will get the first dark-skinned body".
I honestly do not understand what all of the hype is about having an articulated body.
Okay, I hear ya...maybe I am saying it because I came this way...articulated as they put it,  but one thing I am adamant about is that I am NOT sharing my body!

Hailey:  Anyway, here is how it goes. We have three silly divas who are here to
tell us why they should have "this" articulated body (rolls her eyes).  Let's
go ahead and get started....

Reece (prounced Ree Cee):  Hi I'm Reece and I really need this
articulated body.  I know that I was the last to come, but so what?!  It fits me perfect.
(Note:  Reece was purchased at Wu Con in 2012)

Dallas:  I feel that I should get this body because its simple... I deserve it.

Hailey:  No comment (sigh)

Nichelle:  I am no longer interested.  That body is NOT my shade!
(with attitude)

Nikki:  I am the one and only true diva in this house and I just
 so happen to be the favorite, so NO explanation is needed.

Hailey:  Okay, what do you guys think?
Lauren (Katnissdoll):  I like Nichelle, but I don't think she will be a good fit.

Kim: I don't really care for either of them.  They all seem to be a bit arrogant.  But if I had to choose, it would Dallas.  She seems to be the better fit and she has been around for a while.  I honestly don't get the Mattel girls. They seem to complain alot about not being able to move.  My body is motionless and I am okay with it.
Hailey:  to her herself.....whatever!

Hailey:  So there you have it.  Who will it be?

Reece, Dallas, or Nikki

Nichelle:  Girl, it's okay, we are still the cutest!
Nikki:  Of course we are!  I will never let them see me sweat! 

Baby Phat SIS Chandra~2013

Dallas:  Thanks so much Chandra!  I am finally able to strike a diva pose.
Chandra:  No problem doll face.  You deserve it.

Hailey:  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it!! My Nichelle can throw shade at me all day but she's getting a Chandra body, even if she has to wear turtlenecks in the summertime, mamma ain't spending $100+ a pop so she can bend her knees to sit, LOL.

    As for Ms. Nikki, LOVE HER...but perhaps she'll be next in line for a Kara body. I adore her dress by the way.

    Great little story. :)

    1. Lol! I totally understand about not spending $100 for a body.

      Thanks for the info on a body donor for TM Nikki. It never crossed my mind to use I have to find another Kara.

      Thanks so much for your kind comments!

  2. Hello from Spain, i like very much the new collection of SIS. In my city they are not for sale in stores. A pity. I like your collection of dolls. IT is awesome. I adore your Nikki. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta! I love too. It is too bad they do not sell them there. TM Nikki is my favorite, ; ) and she knows it! Lol!

  3. OMG, I thoroughly enjoyed your storyline. Those Divas were not having it!!!!! They wanted to be able to move too, lol! Congrats to Dallas. You really made the story line come alive, I can't wait to see more. I agree with Marta I love your collections of dolls they are beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you for stopping by. I will be happy when the day comes that you accept the fact that you "really" do like dolls! Lol!

  4. The new Chandra is on the top of my list! Thanks for the post! I love your girls... they are just too much.

    1. Great story!

      These are really some lovely divas.

      I like Hailey 's chair and I love Nikki 's dress. Hope she and the others receive articulation soon.


    2. Thank you Ms Leo and Debbie!

      @ Ms Leo ~ My girls all seem to have major attitudes. I think because they are all spoiled. Lol! I hope you are able to get your Chandra.

      @BDE ~ I bought the chair from JoAnn's Fabrics a few years ago. Nikki's dress is Christian Dior. Yes, the others will receive articulated bodies one at a time as I find them : )

  5. Fun story! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    1. Thanks Limbe Dolls! I really appreciate your mice comments!

  6. First off, wow, that is quite an awesome restyling you did on the Katniss doll. I might have to rethink gettting her.

    Hailey's sigh pose is perfection. She looks totally over the whole process.

    Chandra IS my only dark skinned doll so she doesn't have to worry about anyone stealing her body, lol.

    1. Thank you Muff! I love Katniss this way. The only thing is her hair is thin. She is such a pretty doll in my opinion.

      Yes, Hailey is so over those girls. She can't understand because she never had the issue.

      Oh, no you have to add some more dark skinned divas to your town. Lol! I have a few more that are still in the box.

  7. Cute story and I love the photography! Dallas looks lovely with her new body.

    1. Hey RoxanneRoxanne! I am really happy that she is a great match for Chandra's body. I have been wanting to rebody some dark skinned dolls for awhile. Dallas will be apart of my photo stories if I can get back to it. : ). Thanks for your nice comments.

  8. As always I love your stories! Ms Hailey is cute, I have never seen her in regular clothes or even out of the box for that matter. The divas were not shy about expressing themselves! Love it!

  9. Thanks for letting us know that Milan Barbie (Reece) and Go for Red AA Barbie (Dallas?) can use the BabyPhat Chandra body.

    I've got that Chandra - yay, sooo happy with her - but she's keeping her original head. Next one or ones I get though, will help me upgrade Milan and Go for Red AA. Cause you helped! Thanks!

    P.S. Why do the difficult divas win our hearts? Sigh ...

  10. Hehee, this was fun. Dallas got the body but did Dallas keep the body?
    I really like your blog, Pink is my favourite colour too!

    1. Yes, Dallas is still sporting that body. Lol! That's cool that you love pink. The color is so girly girl. ; ). Please be sure to check out the video that I made.

      P.S. Thanks for following.

  11. LOL Hailey is not here for these shenanigans! That doll has been on my wish list for a very long time. She's so beautiful.


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